Transport for London Streetspace changes to the A24 (Balham High Road, Upper Tooting Road, Tooting High Street)

Residents who live near the A24 should have received this letter (pdf) from Transport for London (“TfL”) today. Installation work is set to begin in mid-late July 2020, ie in the next couple of weeks.

The changes set out in the letter are part of TfL’s Streetspace for London programme, which will create more space for people to safely walk and cycle. As the letter says:

As London continues to emerge from the Coronavirus lockdown we will need to find new ways to travel. Enabling social distancing to happen on public transport as lockdown restrictions are eased will mean everyone who can do so will need to find alternative ways to travel. Public transport must only be used when absolutely necessary. However, if the number of trips taken by private vehicles increases, London will grind to a halt, with essential deliveries and emergency services stuck in gridlock. That’s why, together with London’s boroughs, we are developing the Streetspace programme to create more space for people to safely walk and cycle.

The programme will both help Londoners to walk and cycle more often, and enable them to safely social distance while they do so. It will also help improve our air quality, making London greener.

Our scheme between Balham and Colliers Wood is part of this wider programme. This is a strategic cycling corridor which follows the Northern Line from Colliers Wood to Elephant and Castle with connections onwards to City of London. Our plans will help to reduce pressure on the Northern Line and assist local buses by making it safer for people to walk and cycle through the area.

The changes are set out in the letter and on the maps. The changes will be made on a temporary basis, and include:

  • New lightly segregated cycle lanes using wands similar to the ones shown in the photo in the letter
  • Bus stop bypasses for cycles wherever possible which will also provide further footway for pedestrians
  • Existing bus lanes will be converted to 24/7, except for the bus lane between Totterdown Street to Mitcham Road southbound which will be 7am-7pm.
  • Bus lanes increased across the scheme by 190m. A section of bus lane is however being removed between southbound between Ritherdon Road and Tooting Bec Road to provide cycling facilities and a new 24hr bus lane created between 215 Balham High Road to Ritherdon Road southbound. Further small increases in bus lane length throughout the scheme.
  • Improved footway to allow social distancing along Balham High Road, Chestnut Grove and at the junction of Mitcham Road/Tooting High Street
  • No entry (except cycles) from A24 onto Balham Park Road, Dafforne Road, Noyna Road, Fircroft Road, Foulser Road, Topsham Road, Mandrake Road and Ansell Road
  • No right turn onto A24 (except cycles) from Trinity Crescent, Dafforne Road, Noyna Road, Fircroft Road, Foulser Road, Topsham Road, Mandrake Road, Brudenell Road, Lynwood Road, Gatton Road and Selkirk Road.
  • No left turn onto A24 (except cycles) from Trevelyan Road
  • No left turn (except cycles) from A24 onto Chestnut Grove, Brudenell Road, Lynwood Road, Derinton Road, Woodbury Street, Gilbey Road and Sellincourt Road
  • No left turn (except cycles and buses) from A24 onto Ritherdon Road and Balham Station Road
  • No right turn (except cycles) from A24 onto Totterdown Street
  • Multiple parking and loading bays will be removed from A24. Most loading and disabled bays will be relocated to nearby side roads. On side roads you will be able to load in marked bays between 10am-4pm Mon-Sun for a max time of 20 minutes.
  • Disabled bays will be in operation for max 3hrs.

For Bedford ward, the relevant changes are shown in this map (extracted from the letter):

The letter sets out the next steps and who you can contact about this:

Next steps

Although we are not undertaking a formal consultation on this scheme, we would like to know about your experiences of it once it is in place. We will be monitoring the effects of the Streetspace programme over the coming months and hope many of the schemes we are introducing could become permanent additions to London’s walking and cycling network.

We would need to undertake a consultation on any scheme we propose be made permanent, and we will use the outcome of any consultation to help decide which schemes we should take forward over the next 18 months.

If you have any comments about the effects of our scheme, or suggestions for changes or improvements we might make, please let us know at

The associated public notice is on the Wandsworth Guardian website here:

The A24 is a Greater London Authority road, which means that it is controlled by TfL, rather than by the various councils that the A24 passes through. Ultimately, TfL can make whatever changes it wants to this road (within legal boundaries). That said, we understand that TfL has consulted on these changes with the three London councils that Cycle Superhighway 7 passes through: Lambeth Council, Wandsworth Council, and Merton Council. As ward councillors, we were not involved in the development of these changes.

These changes are separate to the Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) that Wandsworth Council is planning to install, but both are part of the Streetspace programme. See this post for further details on LTNs.

8 thoughts on “Transport for London Streetspace changes to the A24 (Balham High Road, Upper Tooting Road, Tooting High Street)

  1. timothy young

    I write as a cyclist who uses Balham High Road.and also as a driver who uses the same. I am appalled by the changes which are being proposed (without any or any proper consultation, I believe). They will make not only the main road but also all the residential roads in the whole area both congested and fume-laden. I have cycled for many years without problem by the simple expedient of a little care and attention – I am more terrorised by speeding (and selfish) cyclists than car drivers who in my experience are suitably respectful of cyclists.
    I can think of no sound reason for the proposed changes other than the desire to make excess money from fines.
    I have no idea who plans these things but they cannot be road users and must simply hate cars. They are unfit for employment in traffic management and should not withsdtand another election. .

    1. Ian Freeman

      Well said Timothy. This is a shambles of a plan. How are people meant to get to and from home with no left/right turns between Balham station and Tooting Bec? What about delivery drivers, those transporting the elderly and people taking kids to/picking up from school? Increased traffic will chew up local side streets, increase pollution and inconvenience for residents and result in increased ‘road rage’. The plan is ill thought-out and utterly ridiculous – it probably looked great on paper, though!

    2. Tim

      As the owner of a small business in the parade of shops between Marius rd and Du cane Ct we are deeply concerned that this will have a major detrimental impact upon us all.The Disabled bay and loading bay outside Porters the estate agents is being removed.This is used by numerous businesses and local people.There is constant drop off of patients to the Balham pk surgery,many drop dry cleaning to the dry cleaners ,the hairdressers has a number of clients with mobility problems dropped off,the chip shop has many deliveries including the transport of very heavy fat supplies ,the convenience store is a parcel drop off shop and has packages picked up/dropped off every day,the chemists has numerous deliveries.Deliveroo and Uber eats all park for a few moments for the Indian and Chinease restaurants that serve the local area.In a time when all small businesses are struggling i find these proposals amazing poorly considered.Narrowing the rd will make things considerably worse for all concerned.

      1. S Bentine

        As a Balham resident I didnt receive the tfl letter. The scheme will be hugely detrimental to local businesses and residents alike. Plus it seems to be incompatible with the proposed traffic calming scheme for Elmbourne road and Heaver Estate and the closure of Bedford hill and oakmeadcroad which has already gridlock Balham increasing journey times mileage and pollution

  2. M

    Question re the A24. Driving from Balham to Tooting Broadway and wanting to turn right at Trinity Road. There is a “no right turn except buses” sign that seems to be lit at certain hours of the day. Does anyone know the hours? If that sign is lit, the next right turn will be Beechcroft which has no filter and very limited time for turning right…. Will these timings be checked before the “improvements” are put in place?

  3. V. Gregory

    Given the Coronavirus situation and the dire impact it is having on work, increasing the costs for me to get through parts of south London is just another nail in the coffin. The longer it takes to get to customer sites the harder it is for me to work. Blocking off Before Hill down to Balham High Road is great idea on Saturdays and Sundays, the rest of the week it’s a nonsense. There also seems to be some kind of wide pavement island being built between Balham Park Road and Chestnut Grove. This narrows the the road down from 2 lanes to one lane for about 10 metres. Please would someone explain why money is being spent on this. It’s forcing buses into the right and is going to cause a bottleneck.

  4. Sara Green

    Like others I am also appalled about the changes being made to the A24 and especially the stretch from Balham to Tooting Bec without any real democratic consultation planned.

    The reasons given in the TfL mailing dated 9th July 2020 suggest the ‘Streetspace programme is to create more space for people to safely walk and cycle. The programme will both help Londoners to walk and cycle more often, and enable them to safely social distance while they do so. It will also help improve our air quality, making London greener… the scheme between Balham and Colliers Wood is part of this wider programme.’ all in light of the guidance at this present time that asks that people don’t use public transport unless essential and to prevent a London grinding to a halt through increased vehicular usage.

    What is proposed however doesn’t seem to resolve this matter in the slightest. In a city the size of London it is not possible for everyone to walk or cycle everywhere and in this area in particular where pavements are already significantly wider than in others for pedestrians and there are cycle lanes already in place, it seems that all this new round of changes will result in is exactly what TfL suggests it is trying to avoid which is traffic grinding to a halt and increased air pollution as cars travelling up and down the A24 are stuck in long slow moving queues.

    I note that vehicular access to many of the roads on either side of Balham High Road will no longer be possible once TfL changes are implemented. I would like to know why these changes are being imposed and without any trial period given the extent to which they will impact on all the people who live and work in this area. I also consider that preventing vehicles from accessing some of the roads on either side of Balham High Road but not all roads will only lead to other roads being put under much greater pressure. I would like to know on what basis some roads have been selected rather than others. For example one road that has been identified for no left turn to vehicles travelling south towards Tooting Bec is the very widest road in this area, Ritherdon Road, which has the greatest capacity for local traffic. With other actual and planned road closures around Bedford Hill, Tooting Bec Common and the Heaver estate, of which Ritherdon Road is part, this does not make any sense not least because it will force people who live and work in this area into taking unnecessarily circuitous routes, finding other ways round and driving further to access their own homes and businesses each day. This is clearly environmentally unsound and not well thought out for the people who live, work and run businesses here.

    Sara Green

  5. Wandsworth resident

    I do not know a single local resident who received any consultation document, link or information regarding this. It is a terrible plan, rushed and ill thought through. It is also deliberately confusing and none of the consultation website links work and work was due to start 2 weeks after they were allegedly issued? Not much of a consultation then is it really. What a joke.


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