New barriers in Tooting Commons LTN

The red and white plastic barriers have this morning been replaced with wooden planters, and the planters have been bolted to the road so they can’t be moved.

We are aware that the council’s workers, who have been replacing the red and white plastic barriers all week after they were repeatedly moved, have received some abuse from some drivers. No one, under any circumstances, has a right to be rude to people doing their job. Everyone is entitled to make their voice heard and everyone is entitled to their opinion but no one is entitled to hurl abuse. We condemn such behaviour.

1 thought on “New barriers in Tooting Commons LTN

  1. Ollie

    Well done to the workers, the traffic has been up and down here the last few days, it’s fairly obvious when someone had moved the barriers there would be loads of white vans at the top end of Elmbourne.


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